Potomac Kempo

We help men, women, and children to become healthier, happier, and better through professional and personalized instruction in the versatile martial art of Shaolin Kempo. Shaolin Kempo is a historic blend of Karate and Kung Fu and has many similarities to Taekwondo, Krav Maga, and Tai Chi. Kempo is great exercise, it offers many of the same health and fitness benefits as Yoga and CrossFit and teaches practical self defense. We offer a variety of on-going programs with continual enrollment. Students are able to attend classes and lessons at any of our five studios in the Alexandria area.

Foundation Fitness of Del Ray

Foundation Fitness certified personal trainers, nutritional coaches, and massage therapists help you get back to doing what you enjoy. Picking up your kids. Fitting into skinny jeans. Staying in shape. Together we will remove guesswork and track progress in a results-driven, welcoming atmosphere unparalleled at big box gyms. Foundation Fitness helps you take your health, and your life, back.

Yoga in Daily Life

Ancient wisdom for modern times. Yoga postures,meditation & more Yoga In Daily Life system in the Washington DC metropolitan area yogaindailylifeus.org.

Mind the Mat Pilates and Yoga

Mind the Mat was founded by Megan Brown, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Polestar Certified Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation and Sara VanderGoot, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher.

Yoga and Pilates classes for everyone! Couture classes designed
for every body…

Studio Body Logic – Authentic Pilates since 1996

Karen Garcia is the Owner and Director of Studio Body Logic (SBL). Ms. Garcia was trained and certified in 1996 under Romana Kryzanowska, a Joseph Pilates’ protégé. She is one of only a handful of second-generation Pilates instructors in the world. SBL, established is 1996, was the area’s first Authentic Pilates Studio and offers private and semi-private lessons on the apparatus as well as 5 levels of mat classes. Now offering Barre Body and Barre Body instructor certification.