Meg by Hand

Meg Talley creates jewelry to adore. Looking to nature for subtle design cues, she sculpts favorite pieces in small batches alongside sentimental custom designs. She is drawn to the meticulous handwork, thoughtfully crafting each piece in recycled fine metals in her Del Ray studio.

Baffin Records

Independent Record Label based in Del Ray, Alexandria. We seek to represent, support, and showcase local musicians and bands. Our goal is to distribute and promote local music to a worldwide audience, thereby advancing local artists’ careers as well as highlighting original music from Alexandria and around the DC-metro area.

Double Sharp Audio

Double Sharp Audio is a recording studio. We also offer music lessons for all ages and stages.

Alexandria Makers Market

Alexandria Makers Market was started in 2019, with the goal to shine a spotlight on the Alexandria-based maker community. AMM plans events and promotions to show off all the amazing creative talent here in the city!
Additionally, we strongly believe in the education value of sharing our creative knowledge and talent. Because of this, you will find fun DIY classes and kits offered on our website and at our different events!

Amy Eggers Designs

The designs and creations of Amy Sills Eggers, including but not limited to: live plant styling, artisan floral design, handmade masks, textiles, originally designed fabrics, home decor and more … custom requests adored!