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The winter months have their challenges. The days are short and dark. For most of us in the Western hemisphere it’s winter and it’s cold. While it’s great to hunker down in front of a fire, with a good book and a glass of wine, our bodies still need movement.

Movement is crucial to keeping our bodies and minds healthy. Movement supports the strength of our heart, muscles, bones and joints. It boosts our mood because endorphins and dopamine are released. Every part of our being benefits from movement.

Last winter at Chrysalis Chiropractic we started a Move More 28 Day Challenge. It began as a way to keep ourselves accountable for getting outside and keeping track of our miles walking and biking. The result? My husband ended up signing up for the Triple Bypass in Colorado – a 120 mile bike ride with over 10,000 feet of elevation! Originally this was not his goal and your goal doesn’t have to be so extreme either. My goal was to walk outside every day for 2-5 miles. I found I loved being outside, in the fresh air, on my own listening to health and wellness podcasts.

This winter I challenge you to set an easy goal for moving your body. Track it in a notebook, Fit Bit, post it each day as a journal entry on social media or any other app that keeps track of miles. Use whatever works and makes it easy for you to do.

Want a paper log? Click to receive your FREE 28 Day Challenge Log (PDF). If you choose to journal on social media, post photos of you before, after or during your workout or post a photo of your miles. Tag us on Instagram @chrysalischiropractic or Facebook @chrysalischiropracticofalexandria and use the #movemore!

Now let’s bring it on and keep moving in the new year!