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Letting Go

Alice McGuin
Healthy Minds Therapy PLLC

If you’re anything like me, fall feels like a magical time of reflection and turning inward. We cozy up in our sweaters like a security blanket while breathing in the crisp cool air and feel a bit more….still. We watch the cycle of letting go play out in front of our eyes as the trees begin to change and shed their leaves. Those trees make it look so easy to just let it all fall away while slowly being more exposed. If only it were that easy for us humans!

Letting go and releasing what is no longer serving you is a powerful act. It can also be really hard and scary. When we let things go it can feel as though we are being exposed much like those fall trees, because in letting go we are able to step more fully into our true selves. This discomfort is something many therapists have assisted with and it is not something you have to do alone.

What are you holding on to that needs to be released? Is it the clothes that no longer fit thanks to #COVID20? Is it the job you once loved and now feel bored doing? Is it a friendship or romantic relationship that is no longer serving you? Is it a feeling of anger or failure about something that has been lingering for too long?

So where do you begin? The first step in letting go is to change your mindset. You’re holding on for a reason, so try making a list of the reasons letting go will benefit you. This sounds simple, but it requires accepting the truth which can be challenging. Go with what comes up in your writing and see what shifts.

An essential part of stepping into our true selves is releasing what no longer serves us. Much like those autumn trees, after we let go, life can appear a bit bleak before it gets better. In the end it is worth it to find our truest self. While a dark winter may come after the release of fall, there is hope and beauty in spring as we bloom into something still familiar, yet wholly new.


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