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Five Simple Ways To Show Gratitude

Lisa Borg Anderson
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In this month of November we are surrounded with reminders of thankfulness and gratitude for what we have. The art of being grateful is a tricky one sometimes, especially in a time in our lives where things have been turned upside down and sideways for many reasons. Everyone’s life looks different from what it once was and yet finding the small, simple things to be grateful for is now more important than ever. Finding more balance and comfort within ourselves will allow us to appreciate others and have gratitude for our journey.

What does this have to do with thankfulness and gratitude? Being more connected within allows us to show ourselves gratitude in mind, body and spirit. When you practice creating inner balance, you can go into the community and support your partner, family, friends, and neighbors in amazing ways.

There are so many ways to show our gratitude to others who support and love us. Many of the simplest things we do from the heart are the most impactful.

Here are some examples:

  • Writing a note and expressing our emotions to loved ones who have been there for us is a great and simple way to show our gratitude. 
  • Surprising someone with a recipe they love or bringing them flowers just because. 
  • Taking the time to clean up or organize an area of your home that needs a little TLC.    
  • Slowing down and trying something new to recharge your batteries, like feeling gratitude for movement and your breath.
  • Slowing down and singing a song or dancing with your kids. Maybe taking a walk in the crunchy autumn leaves with your canines.


These five examples of simple things you can do to show gratitude for your loved ones also serves to create balance in the 5 elements: heart, spleen, lung, kidneys, and liver. Just being your beautiful self and showing up and spending time together is a great way to show your gratitude.

By doing these types of practices for others, you also create more joy within yourself too. This is how you begin to cultivate a grateful life. By expressing and doing for others without being asked is a way to reduce the stress of the day within your body. Giving of yourself is in essence being grateful for what you have been given and sharing it with your community.


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