Benny Diforza’s

Benny Diforza’s is Del Ray’s home of The Virginia Slice. “Diforza” means strength, power, force and represents the bond Benny’s builds with its community. Whether you’re ordering a 28″ pie with friends, or grabbing a slice for lunch, we’re here and ready to serve you!


DC METRO’S FIRST EVER DOG FRIENDLY BAR & RESTAURANT FEATURING AN OFF-LEASH INDOOR & OUTDOOR DOG PARK. Barkhaus is more than just a dog bar, our service and relationships built each day make members more of a family and Barkhaus a home away from home. We pride ourselves on the freshness of our food that is made to order from our onsite, scratch kitchen. Check out our new, crate-free doggy daycare!


Rubia’s is Chef Nicole Jones’s celebration of her favorite food. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not authentic. Just really good tacos. Featuring Tacos, Margaritas, Coffee, Fresh Fruit Cups, Pastry, Salads, Enormous Nacho Platters

District Biscuit Company

Like many, in March 2020, our chef found himself in a time of great uncertainty and global crisis. A seasoned restaurant manager and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, the pandemic was not about to hinder his culinary creativity. With his passion for experimenting, he came up with a buttery, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth creation and knew these biscuits needed to be shared with the world. Sharing this idea over a biscuit tasting with his friend and future co-founder, District Biscuit Company was founded. Ever since, these biscuits have been winning over those who try them layer by layer, bite by bite.

Lost Boy Cider

Lost Boy Cider joined Alexandria over 3 years ago because of a dream our Founder and Owner, Tristan Wright, wanted to develop. After developing a severe gluten allergy, Tristan wanted to do something simple; create an American-made, modern style, handcrafted cider here at home. After coming from 18 years in business baking, this wasn’t going to be easy.

Two years of research and armed with certificates from Cornell viticulture center and Oregon State University’s cider production school, Tristan made his very first batch of Comeback Kid in his basement.

All of Lost Boy ciders are made from apples grown and pressed at Glaize Orchard in Winchester, Virginia. Our original cider, Comeback Kid, is a blend of seven apple varieties and serves as the base cider for all of our creations unless otherwise noted. We work with our grower to ensure that each juice shipment we receive has a consistent flavor and composition.

All of our ingredients are real! We never use artificial colors or flavors, and avoid extracts, concentrates, and essences as much as possible.

We also use other whole fruits and vegetables as well as juices and purees, and both fresh and dried herbs, spices, flowers, and teas.

All our ciders are apple-first, then the additional flavors–we strive for balance. All our ciders are gluten-free and vegan!