Magpie Reclamations

Vintage Furniture & Home Decor business focused on providing sustainably stylish products for your home.

The Del Ray Vintage & Flea Market

The Del Ray Vintage & Flea Market occurring on the second Saturday of each month from 9am-2pm. Two outside lots at 1900 Mt. Vernon Ave. and back lot of Salvation Army (1804 Mt. Vernon Ave.) at the intersection with Bellefonte Ave. Vintage, Antiques, Thrift, Artisan and more.

UpCycle Creative Reuse Center

Welcome to UpCycle: a reuse center and making space that encourages creativity, critical thinking, innovation and environmentally sustainable behavior.

UpCycle is a community resource. We collect secondhand materials that are used for arts & crafts and learning purposes. We organize these items and make them available to the public at affordable prices. We have fabrics and sewing notions, high-end artist supplies, various papers and boards, containers, wood bits, office supplies, jewelry and much, much more!

In UpCycle’s studio, you can participate in a workshop, schedule a party or group function, or use the open studio to create your own masterpiece during Tinker Time.