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Unfinished/Finished Art Exhibit

“Beauty and the Background” by Michael Green (left, starting artist) and Eileen M. O’Brien (right, finishing artist)

April 02, 2021

May 01, 2021

Del Ray Artisans, 2704 Mount Vernon Avenue

Unfinished/Finished Art Exhibit
April 2 – May 1, 2021

Many artists are notorious for having oodles of unfinished pieces hidden in their workspaces. In preparation for this exhibit, unfinished works were given to different artists to complete. The Unfinished/Finished art exhibit showcases how these partnerships yield impressive finished artworks by local artists and high school students. Come explore the notion of when and how a work of art is “finished.” Note how the “start” inspired the “finished” piece. The overall concept offered a fun and safe way for artists to collaborate, given the isolation we have all experienced due to the pandemic. Some of the artists paired up with an artist they knew, while others signed up to be randomly paired with another artist. All artists brought a “started” piece to a “finished” state.

Reserve a ticket for a half-hour viewing during the extended hours on opening day: Friday, April 2 between 12-8pm. Opening day tickets are not required, but ticket holders have priority entry. The gallery capacity is limited to 10 people at any one time in order to facilitate social distancing.