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Del Ray Citizens’ Association Chili Cookoff

The Del Ray Citizens’ Association Chili Cookoff is on Saturday, February 25 from 5 – 8pm. It will be held in the gymnasium of Commonwealth Academy, at 1423 Leslie Ave, Alexandria, VA.​

Who can enter the Cookoff? Are there winners?
Anyone who lives in Del Ray can enter the Cookoff! The entrant fee is $20. Details about how to enter are available here. Winners of the Cookoff will be determined by our judges. Each winning entry will receive $100.

What if I just want to attend and eat chili?
You can purchase event tickets here to attend the Cookoff. Each ticket includes access to chili tastings, live music, snacks, and drinks (both soft drinks and 21+ drinks).​

Where do proceeds from the event go?
Proceeds (including ticket sales) from the event go to the charity Alexandria Celebrates Women. You can learn more about their work here.

Is there parking there? What about bathrooms?
Yep! The event site has both ample parking and restrooms.