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Complimentary Reiki Self-Care Training with Four Directions Wellness

January 21, 2021
6:30 PM

Via Zoom

Complimentary Reiki Self-Care Training

Join Four Directions Wellness for their complimentary offering of self-care Reiki. What is Reiki? Reiki is a relaxation technique that helps you connect with your subtle energy system and intuition. It is used in healthcare settings, mental health institutions among other organizations to support optimal healing, reduce pain in the short term and to promote wellbeing with a reduction in anxiety and depression.

This one-hour class will introduce you to this ancient healing approach. The class is taught at different dates and times and you only need to register for one date.

To fully engage in Reiki, you will want to learn more about Reiki certifications. To utilize as a Reiki practitioner, you must be certified as a Reiki Level Two practitioner.


Mara Benner is a Reiki Master, ordained in interfaith/interspiritual practices, certified in Qigong, reflexology, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Certified Intuitive Counselor.

Catherine Miller is a Reiki Master, health and wellness coach, nutritionist and yoga instructor. Catherine worked with Mara at GWU Hospital offering Reiki to patients as well as through support groups.


If trying to schedule within 24 hours of the class, please contact Mara to see if space is still available. Either by calling at 703-776-0102 or via email at [email protected]. Thank you!