Tamara Pincus LICSW & Associates

This is a psychotherapy and sex therapy group practice focusing on working with kinky, poly and LGBTQ clients. We have a firm commitment to radical acceptance, racial justice and body positivity.

Vibrant Life Center

The team at Vibrant Life Center is passionate about helping practice members discover all the happy side effects of a healthy body.

Our focus is on improving spinal health with gentle chiropractic techniques, making specific nutritional/lifestyle choices, and enhancing mindset for positive outcomes. Together we can build optimal wellness for your vibrant family.

Neighborhood Health

Neighborhood Health, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and formerly known as Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services, Inc (ANHSI) began providing services to low-income women and children in a small apartment unit in Arlandria twenty years ago.

Neighborhood Health has a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of 11 members, including six individuals who are patients of our health centers.

Neighborhood Health’s 20-year history of strong community partnerships with individuals, grantors, faith communities, health departments, hospitals, community services boards, social services agencies, schools and others. Because of these strong partnerships, we can coordinate and integrate efforts to effectively improve the health of our patients and our communities.

Neighborhood Health has received National Quality Awards from the federal government in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 for exceeding national benchmarks in preventive care and chronic disease management and for achieving excellent patient outcomes.

Neighborhood Health FY2018 budget
is $13,492,645

Our goal is to serve 21,000 patients in 2018 — an increase of 7,000 patients or 50% from 2016.

Arlington-Alexandria FIT4MOM

FIT4MOM is dedicated to the Strength In Motherhood. By providing classes and support for moms in every stage of motherhood.

Potomac Kempo

We help men, women, and children to become healthier, happier, and better through professional and personalized instruction in the versatile martial art of Shaolin Kempo. Shaolin Kempo is a historic blend of Karate and Kung Fu and has many similarities to Taekwondo, Krav Maga, and Tai Chi. Kempo is great exercise, it offers many of the same health and fitness benefits as Yoga and CrossFit and teaches practical self defense. We offer a variety of on-going programs with continual enrollment. Students are able to attend classes and lessons at any of our five studios in the Alexandria area.

Caring Acupuncture

Offering Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Remedies, Clinical Massage, and Fertility Support.

Mindful Junkie

Minfdful Junkie provides mindfulness education across multiple populations including: schools, educators, law enforcement, private, corporate, workshops, and retreats.

Mindful Junkie also teaches Pilates; outdoor classes, one on one, on-site corporate, and more.